Free trial: You can utilize our trial to create a subdomain exclusively dedicated to showcasing your listings. The term 'free' specifically pertains to the waived costs associated with setting up the subdomain, and does not apply to our Auction Fees and Buyer's Premium. In the event that no sales occur, rest assured that you will not incur any charges from our platform.

Auction Site: We charge a monthly fee of $29.99 for hosting an auction site, intended for use by a single seller.

Auction Fee: 3.5% of the gross merchandise value for online sales, capped at $100 per listing. No insertion or auto-bidding fees. Invoices are sent post-sale. No fees for 'Buy Now' listings or sales. Note: Payment processors like PayPal and Stripe have their own fees.

Buyer's Premium: 5% per purchase, minimum $2, capped at $100 per listing. No fees for 'Buy Now' purchases.

Payments: Sellers and buyers handle payments. Use our and gateways or choose other methods. Auctify processes Auction Fee and Buyer's Premium regardless of payment method.

Tax Info for Buyers: Sales tax/VAT may apply. Provide legal tax exemption proof to the seller to avoid taxes; seller's approval required. Once paid, taxes are non-refundable.