Prohibited Items

We believe in promoting an environment of respect and fairness. Selling illegal items and items that encourage illegal activity are strictly prohibited.

Auctify reserves the right to remove items that do not meet the site's Terms and Conditions.


Offensive items: Auctify prohibits sellers from listing offensive items. This includes items that promote or glorify hatred or violence toward people based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, identity, disability, or sexual orientation, or that promote organizations with such views.

The following items are specifically prohibited: All items promoting or linked to supremacist groups, War-related items, Items that convey racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive portrayals of their subjects, Items of an explicit or offensive sexual nature. Exemptions for items of historical value or interest. We recognize that in some cases there are legitimate reasons for preserving antique items that represent historic injustices or antiquated social norms. Where transparent information about historical context is provided, such items can play a valuable role in fostering a greater understanding of our complex cultural history. Once listed these items must include information about their historical context. If in doubt, sellers can contact our client services team to discuss our policy regarding listing offensive items.

Arms, ammunition, and hazardous materials: Auction houses selling arms or militaria items – whether antique or modern – must comply with national and local laws applicable to the jurisdiction from which their products are sold, as well as the jurisdiction to which they are to be shipped. In addition, auction houses are responsible for obtaining any required licenses for permitted products and are liable for any penalties resulting from non-compliance. The following items are not allowed to be sold on Auctify under any circumstances:

Explosives: Catalytic converters or test pipes, Hazardous materials (e.g. materials that are flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous) Wildlife products: Auctify is committed to protecting all animal species – including those threatened by extinction and other protected animals. We prohibit the intentional trade of objects containing animal parts.

Other: The following items are prohibited across all of Auctify: Drugs and drug paraphernalia, including any medical drug claims about an item, Human remains or body parts, Illegal, counterfeit, or stolen items, and
material judged to be lewd and licentious.